Sustainability is a journey. Here are some things we have done that relate to sustaniability and 'Sydhavshuset'.

Wild On Purpose

The garden is "Wild On Purpose" (Vild Med Vilje). We try to make nature (both plants and animals) inside the garden wilder, richer and more diverse. To that end we have two initiatives.

Habitat fence

Part of the fence around 'Sydhavshuset" is made of garden clippings. This kind of fence may not look terribly pretty, but instead of getting the clippings taken away it can become a shelter for various animals. Probably mainly bugs, the bugs then become a food source for birds.

Lawn mowing

Instead of regularly mowing the lawn with a machine, we cut it every now and then with a scythe. Eventually the garden should (in summertime) be a haven for local flowers growing naturally.

Kitchen bin

A bin in the kitchen has 3 separate compartments to make it easier to sort rubbish into different categories thereby making it easier to recycle stuff for the local recycling place.


Almost all lamps have LED bulbs. There are still halogen spots outside by the wodden deck. We seldomly use these lights, and it might be worse to replace them since they still work.


We live in England, when we visit Sydhavshuset, we drive here in an EV. Maybe it makes us sound 'holier than thou' but one of the main reasons for acquiring an EV was that we wanted to make the journey here in as sustainably way as possible. As we started out by saying, sustainability is a journey, sometimes literally so.

EV charger

If you drive an EV, you need to be able to charge it. So an EV charger was installed at Sydhavshuset in 2021. In a small way, this contributes to even make it possible to go on holiday in a more sustainable way.


The main room in Sydhavshuset used to be heated with electric radiators. In 2020 one of the most efficient air-to-air heat pumps we could find on the market was installed. The other rooms still have electric radiators, but leave the doors to the other rooms open and the heat pump can heat the whole house.

Hot water

The Hot water cylinder is controlled remotely. Outside periods when no one is visiting Sydhavshuset it is switched off and a few hours prior to visits, it is switched on. Without the remote control the cylinder would have to be on all year round.