We have two hyper dogs that we love bringing on holiday with us.

When you visit, please don’t let your dog up on the sofa or the beds. Also, remember to bring your own dog bed & bowls. Be aware that the property is not fenced in because we want to be able to let wildlife come and go as they please, but also means you need to be aware of where your dog is when you’re outside or open the door to the terrace. Because this is a nature plot there may be long grass, so be aware of ticks, and just use normal tick treatment on your dog.

Before you leave Sydhavshuset, please remove your dogs poop from the garden.

On the Beach

Dogs are welcome on Danish beaches. Be aware that between 1 April - 1 October they must be on a lead on the beach. Othr visitors to the beach will no doubt appreciate if you pick up any potential dog poop your dog leaves behind.

Forests & Parks

When visiting forests and parks in Denmark your dog should be on the lead. The exception is dedicated ‘dog wood parks’ where you are allowed to let your dog off the lead. Not far from Sydhavshuset is Bøtø Dog Wood Park.

Bøtø Dog Forest is at the southern end of Bøtø Ringvej. By car the forest is is about 16 minutes (16 km) away. According to Google, it takes 1 hour (5 km) to walk there via Bøtøgårdsvej. Remember that you are always responsible for your dogs behaviour. See (slightly) more information at the Visit Lolland Falster web page. There are supposed to be six different agility appliances, on our last visit we only found one.

Further afield there are two other dog forests on Falster, Bangsebro dog forest near Nykøbing Falster and Hannenov dog forest further north.

Local Veterinarian

If you are coming from abroad, remember to check beforehand what you need in terms of dog passports, vaccinations etc.

Nykøbing Falster Veterinary Hospital
Københavnsvej 21, 4800 Nykøbing Falster

Curt Cranø Petersen - retired, but very helpful, walking distance from Sydhavshuset
Ehlersvej 3, 4874 Gedser
E-mail: cranoe@mail.dk