Denmark has some of Europe’s most amazing sandy beaches, and they are never far away. Our beaches are great for swimming, building sandcastles, collecting seashells, driftwood and even amber.

Gedesby Beach

Of the many beaches in the area, this 25 km long beach is the shortest distance from Sydhavshuset and is known as one of the best beaches in Denmark! It is a very child-friendly beach as the seabed slopes gradually without any sudden drops in depth, and there are no strong undercurrents. To get to the beach, exit the driveway and turn right onto Sortevej. Then just follow the road. Shortly before the beach, the road veers to the right (down Fællesdigevej) but continue walking straight ahead. The distance is 1.2 km, it should take you 15-20 minutes to walk. It is possible to park a car nearer the beach, 1 km from Skydhavshuset from where it would only be 200 meters to walk to the beach. In Denmark nude bathing is allowed on any public beach, but halfway between Gedesby and Marielyst (Bøtø) you will find a part of the beach specifically dedicated to naturists (you can decide whether to join them or avoid them!)

Skelby Beach

If you find it too windy on Gedesby Beach, you could try Skelby Beach. It is not as large as Gedesby Beach. It can be found at the end of Skelby Møllevej, 10 minutes by car from Sydhavshuset. To get there, drive towards Gedser Landevej and turn right onto Gedser Landevej, Take the first left (Skelbyvej) and follow to the end. Then turn right and follow Gammel Landevej for a very short distance and then turn left down Skelby Møllevej.

Marielyst Beach

If you continue North of Gedesby Beach it turns into Marielyst Beach. Very popular with tourists, it has a lot of activities and facilities, and has lifeguards on duty during the summer, however it can also get a bit crowded.

Dogs on the beach

Dogs can be brought to the beach, but between 1 April - 1 October they must be on a lead.

Inflatable beach toys, floats and air mattresses

During the summer, the Danish Coastal Rescue Service (Kystredningstjenesten) gets a lot of reports about beach toys floating around. Maybe the owner has lost control and lost the toy, or maybe the owner has fallen of it and is somewhere in the water. Every year they spend many hours looking for people, who are tanning on the beach or that have gone home. If you are in the unfortunate situation and lose your beach toy, then call 114 immediately, that would help them a lot. If you report the missing toy, they are going to get it and then sail back to the station, without focusing on looking for a person, who might be eating ice cream in the sun.


As you can tell, we love our local beaches, and we also care about the local wildlife. Please remember when you’re at the beach to pick up your trash (especially plastic!)